Lone Worker Monitoring

Lone Worker Monitoring

Lone Worker Monitoring

We provide a professional Lone Working monitoring and response service.

Lone workers are at particular risk due to the fact they do not have someone nearby in the event of an accident, emergency or criminal activity. As a business, you are responsible for the safety and security of your staff especially when they are working alone which is where Lewis Hart Security Services come in.

If you want peace of mind that your business is secure when you or your staff are working alone we can provide you with a Lone Worker Monitoring service that keeps your employees safe. We are one of the most well known North East security services with over 22 years of experience in monitoring lone workers and can be on hand should an issue occur.

Panic attack buttons and CCTV systems are monitored by alarm monitoring stations which, once alerted, then call our control room who will dispatch a mobile patrol to the site. Regular phone calls can also be made to assure the welfare of the lone worker and panic words are adopted in the case they are faced with a threat.

We are also on hand to receive calls in the event an employee is concerned or an emergency arises. Our officers will confirm their status, offer appropriate support and liaise with appropriate authorities and emergency services should they require them. If lone workers know they are being supported by a security team, they can get on with the job in hand with less worry and you can be assured you are taking the necessary steps to protect them.

In the event that we can’t confirm a worker’s status, we can contact local police or provide a swift response service by dispatching one of our mobile patrols who can head over to the location to investigate. Our Lone Worker Monitoring service can also be combined with our other services such as Key Holding, Alarm Response and Uniformed Officers to tailor a package to suit you.

If there are times when no one is on-site we can provide you with security services you can trust. Our uniformed officers can stay on-site when you can’t be there, discouraging potential thieves or criminal activity. Head over to our security guards to find out more.

Whether you have a large scale business or a small local shop we have a range of security solutions to suit your needs and budget and ensure your staff are protected and your premises are secure.